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Check out the books below to find out more about the bad boy MC members and where you can purchase them.

This is a shared series by Claire Shaw, Ruby Carter, Ellie R. Hunter& Amy Davies


This MC princess is not living a fairytale.
How do you trust a man you don’t know with your life?
I’ve trust the men in my life before and look where that got me.. In a right bloody mess!
Men only think with one brain and it’s not the one on top of their necks.
Can chaos and his brothers restore not only my faith in men but also bikers?
Will this Cinderella get her happy ever after or remain in a nightmare?

What should have been a normal business deal is now so much


more complicated.
This is not how my brothers and me do business. But how could I say no when she’s part of the deal?
All I have to do is keep her safe, that’s it!
Except she’s under my skin & melting my cold black ice in my heart.
I need to be on my game to protect her, does that mean I need to stay hands off?
Time will tell if she’s my queen or my biggest mistake!



I came to the seaside town in search of a quiet life away from it all, so here I am throwing myself into my job as a teacher in the local primary school, with pure determination to escape the nightmare that was my past life and start anew. It’s all going smoothly until I find myself in the eye line of the big bad biker, but it can’t happen… It can’t, but that sweet-talking man is living up to his name and causing Mayhem with my senses and although I try wholeheartedly resist him, he’s giving me hope of letting go of my past.

As Vice President to The Road Wreckers MC I have my priorities in

order, my boy, family, and club come first, always has, always will. I’m loyal right down to my bones and nothing will change that not even a woman, I’m a ‘f*ck ‘em and chuck ‘em’ kind of guy, it’s all just a bit of fun, well until I set my sights on Miss Ellis. With all her curves and those mesmerizing f*ck me eyes, she has me wanting to see her draped over that desk off hers. My name may be Mayhem, but she’s causing it.

The road to happiness is never easy and with the past roaring into the present, it’s going to be anything but smooth.

**This book has content and reimagined scenes inspired of true-life experiences. **


Lies. Betrayal. Obsession.

Louis “Psycho” Mitchell is revered as cold, unhinged, and at times, soulless.
His reputation proceeds him and as the Enforcer for The Road Wreckers MC, reputation is everything.
The club and his brothers are what keeps him grounded and able to get through life.

Evie Hemingway just wants a normal life. To raise her son, be able to pay her bills, and stay out of trouble.
Reckless decisions led her down a path she had no business being on and now she’s chasing a quiet life with her son.


Evie isn’t ready for her world to collide with Psycho’s, yet she has no choice, Psycho has set his sights on her, and he always gets what he wants. Passion and obsession are about to consume them both and limits are going to be pushed.

Can someone as pure as Evie find love in the darkness?
Can someone as twisted as Psycho live in the light?
Will they find the balance they need to survive each other and be the family they’ve both always wanted?



Nobody expects a dirty mouthed biker to be gay, never mind the Sergeant at Arms of the notorious Road Wreckers MC, but this is the life I lead. The life I love.
I've been keeping them safe, being the defence, and watching them find their Old Ladies, it's left a longing in my heart for him.
That is, until one nightmare of a night brings my decisions back to haunt me. Ben. The boy I kept at arms-length to live his own life, to make his own mistakes, to find his own way.

Will he learn how to let a Riot into his bed and into his heart? Or is almost all we were ever destined to be?


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