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Texas Chapter
Check out the books below to find out more about the bad boy MC members

Joker Kindle Ebook.jpg


I've seen far too much pain in my life. It comes with being part of the club, but when it affects others in my life I can't bear to watch it unfold. At least, it's what happened years ago. I ended up putting my nose in a situation where I probably shouldn't have.
In the end, I lost the greatest love of my life . . . or so I thought.
Ten years have gone by since I never stopped looking for her. That is, until a surprise turns up out of the blue, followed by Carrie herself.
I can't let her go this time.
I won't let her go.
Not now, and not ever again.


There’s so much I have to overcome to be the woman I once was. But with a new threat on the horizon, it’s not so easy.
I have to be strong for my family, no matter what.
The truth is, I never knew my own strength until it was put to the test.
Then again, I never knew the lengths I’d go to protect my family.

Carry's Strength Kindle Ebook.jpeg
Tank Kindle Ebook.jpeg


His ignorance will be his downfall. When I least expected it, he came into my life. He fought his way into my heart when I thought it my walls were impenetrable.
Tank made me want to do anything that would keep him and his family safe, even if it meant risking my own life. I was responsible for my own actions, and I chose to protect not only him, but the club too.

I knew she would be a wild ride from the minute I laid eyes on her . . . but I never thought she would go behind my back and endanger my family.

a havoc holiday #2.5
Join the Sons of Havoc MC as they make their merry way through the holidays. In this novella you have the ability to reconnect with your favorite couples from the MC and see what they've been up to during this time.

Just because it's the holiday season it doesn't mean there isn't a fair share of drama and danger. Take a dive into the unknown.

A Havoc Holiday Kindle Ebook.jpeg
Wire Kindle Ebook.jpeg


I've stared down the barrel of death, and in doing so, I've never been the same.

I've been through a lot of shit in my life. It's part of being in the club, really. Only, I was taken a short time ago and during my time with the club's enemy; I was fucked with mentally and physically. The physical stuff didn't bother me, but to this day, the mental stuff weighs heavily on my mind.
I didn't let my brothers know about what happened, but how could I? They'd never look at me the same.
Time has kept passing by, but time hasn't helped calm the demons in my mind. Eventually, I started acting out in a way that the club

didn't like, and now I'm a Nomad.
Maybe I should've told them about what happened, but the last thing I wanted was for them to look at me any differently. I'd rather die with my secret then live in a life filled with shame.

My life has never been exciting, or at least it wasn't until the day I watched a man intentionally ride his motorcycle into a ravine. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, but quickly jumped into action.
Thankfully, he was still okay when I found him. He obviously wasn't from around here and while his injuries were minimal, I made them seem like they were a big deal. He was obviously struggling with something and all I wanted to do was help. He looked like he had a lot on his mind and I know firsthand how dangerous that can be.
Through his time on my farm, we develop a friendship that turns into something more. We talk, and we listen to one another. I start caring about Wire and make him see the errors of his ways. I take him back to the place he once called home, but what happens when I realize that home isn't a place for me anymore? It's a person.

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